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Mini Cocoon product features

Size : 2
Diapers per back (pcs) : 44
Packs per bale : 44*5
Barcode : 8681242288009

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Midi Cocoon product features

Size : 3
Diapers per back (pcs) : 40
Packs per bale : 40*5
Barcode : 8681242288016

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Maxi Cocoon product features

Size : 4
Diapers per back (pcs) : 36
Packs per bale : 36*5
Barcode : 8681242288023

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Junior Cocoon product features

Size : 5
Diapers per back (pcs) : 28
Packs per bale : 28*5
Barcode : 8681242288030

Cocoon Product Features

The upper side of the diaber is made of soft NonWoven, to provides a soft touch to your baby’s skin.

Also, a special distributor layer of green textile (ADL) is added to assure equal and quick distribution of the liquid inside the diaber.

Special absorbent particles (SAP) were added assuring well trap the liquid and prevent leakage and to keep your baby dry.

To provide a free and comfortable movement to your baby a silky textile is used, with a multi use strong sideband to prevent loosing of the diaper.

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